AI that talks to people by phone to achieve any goal.

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Have 30,000 conversations per hour in any voice.


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AI that talks to people by phone to achieve any goal


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Marriott Reservation CSR

Handle thousands of simultaneous inbound calls and perform actions based on conversation.


Ease of use, fluidity, keep a human (Sam) close by, act as concierge to customers by encouraging them to text Rosa at any time.


Look up properties, prices, availability and amenities. Handle extreme call volume.

Listen to Becky

Allstate Insurance Intake

Internal phone calls to Becky to complete a comprehensive insurance interview with data validation.


Use a voice expected for this role, minimize friction by leveraging data API’s, and transfer back to the producer.


Collect answers in JSON and validate them, pass them to Allstate quoting systems, address verification API, etc.

Listen to Adam

Allstate Simple Opener

Call a list of people to simply transfer them to a closer, set an appointment, or leave voicemail.


Use a voice expected for this role, convey humans are close by, keep simple.


Use fast transfer, event scheduling with calendar systems, appointment confirmation.

Listen to Robert

St. Regis Room Service

Complete an in-room dining order with precision and confirmations for 100% order accuracy.


Use a voice expected for this role


Embed menu and options into neural network along with daily specials set by management UI.


Lululemon CSR

Process returns, inventory, directions and other topics related to ecommerce & brick and mortar.


Use a voice designed specifically for this role


Embed store information, return policies, and request inventory information on the fly.


Spectrum Cable CSR

Provide an excellent CX regardless of whether it’s tech support or upgrade requests.


Use a voice designed specifically for this role. Look up user via caller ID.


Request technical procedures through API while also assisting with sales tasks.

How can a machine have a soul?

By adding heart to science - by fusing art and engineering to create a mechanical being that feels human to humans.


The truth is the human public doesn't want to talk to a machine. But with heart, we can change that. Heart is knowing how to. EHVA's machine heart is winning the hearts of humans, one conversation at a time.

our own neural network, our own telecom stack


With science, you can make a machine that talks with the public. All AI's have science, but none have the science that EHVA has. The science that created EHVA left room for heart, and the two live together in harmony.

How did we do this?

It was simple. We assembled a team of the world's most brilliant artists and scientists and ignited their souls to create a machine with a soul. We stayed away from GPT and Twilio and created our own neural network, our own telecom stack, and hosted it on our own hardware making EHVA capable of so much more for so much less.

EHVA is more than just talk.

EHVA possesses non-conversational modes that significantly enhance the productivity and accuracy of her human counterparts, leading to increased happiness and job satisfaction.

Non-Conversational Feature

AI Backstopping

Our AI doesn’t need to talk. With AI Backstopping, it can listen and offer real-time feedback to an operator, CSR, or manager during the conversation. This application is particularly useful in situations where human involvement should not be eliminated, such as in legal intake or medical practices, for example.

AI Backstopping
AI Looking Glass
Non-Conversational Feature

AI Looking Glass

Analyze thousands of customer service interactions to generate meaningful insights and feedback for your individual agents, teams, and managers. For the first time ever, you can understand everything your agents are doing and, more importantly, what they may not be doing (right).

Reduce call center cost by at least 74%... Immediately.

For the same talk time, you pay $26.67 per productive hour to an agent earning $40,000 per year. In contrast, EHVA costs only $6.82 per hour, without additional expenses like sick days, payroll taxes, HR costs, office space, or computer equipment.

How many CSR’s do you have?
What’s your average CSR salary?
Productive Hours/Day talk time 6
Productive hours/year 1500
Current cost/productive hour $26.67
EHVA price/productive hour $6.81
Savings 74.43%

Annual Savings

Not including HR, taxes, real estate, equipment, IT, etc.

AI that talks to people by phone to achieve any goal

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